Composite Edge


Composite Edge stock brokers have placed itself as one of India’s leading online stock brokers. Incorporated in 1995, Composite Edge is a part of Composite Investments Private limited which is a bangalore based company. The services offered by composite edge covers wide areas in financial Market including stock, stock indices, futures, commodities, mutual funds, agro products, insurance , oils and commodities. The speciality of Composite Edge, as highlighted by most of the reviews, is that it provides flat fee brokerage services. You can trade futures, stocks, options and mutual funds. Its services are through online stock trading website composite It offers lot of markets and instruments to its clients. It offers simple brokerage structure and also transparent. There are no hidden charges.

Now when i say flat brokerage, I’m talking about Rs 18 to Rs 15 per trade. This does not depend on the size of the trade. Neither does it consider the segment in which the trade is executed. This flat fee share deal simplifies brokerage costs to a great extent. The exchanges offered by composite edge is NSE,BSE and MCX.

Since it is a Bangalore based company it mostly focuses on doing business in Karnataka. This stock broker has over 20 years of experience. It is a fast growing company. We rarely find such fast growing discount brokers in India.

Members can use the helpful feature, the forum section to get help from community regarding trading or anything else related from composite edge platform to the exchanges.

Composite Edge Trading Platforms:

The trading platforms in composite edge helps you buy and sell options, stocks, Mutual funds and futures. There are three trading platforms available in composite edge. The trading platforms are:

  1. Trader Workstation:
    It is an exe based installable application for high frequency traders. It can be downloaded on installed on your PC for free. It allows real time monitoring. Also helps you to conduct trade in a quicker manner.
  2. Web Trader(
    It is a website based trading. It is best suited for casual traders. It is a user friendly website. It facilitates its clients to execute their trade online virtually. For this, they are going to need an internet connection. Or to rephrase it, an internet connection is all you need to kick start your trade.
  3. Mobile Trading Platform:
    It is a mobile trading app. It is best suited for people who travel a lot. It is for those who don’t want to carry a laptop with them everywhere they go. It helps its clients to have a continuous monitoring of the market. You can trade from mobile phones in just a few touches. There is no additional charge for this.

Tools in Composite edge:

  • One- click order entry/ exit – to place/remove orders in one click.
  • Price alerts – to get alerts for the product prices.
  • Bracket orders – place bracket orders on the go.
  • Profit slicing
  • Trailing stops
  • Cover orders


  • Good customer support through Google chat and Yahoo chat.
  • Fixed price brokerage irrespective of the size of trade and the segment.
  • Equity and Currency Future trading is at its cheapest brokerage cost.
  • No minimum amount balance needed to open a trading account in Composite edge.
  • Fully Automated Trading also available in Composite edge.


  • No 3 in 1 account.
  • Only one branch inn bangalore.
  • Does not offer services in IPO and FD.

Why Composite edge?

  • Rs. 18 or Rs. 15 per trade which is a flat fee.
  • Algo Trading in Composite edge enables automated trading.
  • Fund transfer is free and is done from 3 major banks from NOW platform.
  • Live chat services.
  • Has its own DP account, unlike other discount brokers.
  • Trading is done in both NSE and BSE.


  • Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time): Rs400/- for Online Application and Rs500/- for Request an Application
  • Demat account Opening Charges (One Time): Rs 100
  • Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC): Free
  • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): Rs 300 per year
  • Commodity Account Opening Charges (One Time): Rs400/- for Online Application and Rs500/- for Request an Application.


  • Equity Delivery Based Trades: Rs 18 to Rs 15 per trade or 0.006% whichever is lower
  • Equity Intraday Trades: Rs 18 to Rs 15 per trade or 0.006% whichever is lower
  • Equity Future: Rs 18 to Rs 15 per trade or 0.006% whichever is lower
  • Equity Options: Rs 18 to Rs 15 per trade or 0.006% whichever is lower
  • Currency Future: Rs 18 to Rs 15 per trade or 0.006% whichever is lower
  • Currency Options: Rs 18 to Rs 15 per trade or 0.006% whichever is lower

Trading Leverage:


Composite edge brokerage firm is a trust worthy investment, whether you are starting to trade or already trading in other brokerage firms. Composite edge, with It’s user friendly softwares that support all devices, web trading platform, low brokerage & trading charges and customer support is a great choice to try out.

Broker Services

Composite Edge provides services of Equity Trading, Futures Trading, Options Trading, Commodity Trading and Currency Trading.

Main Features

Some of the the main features provided by Composite Edge are Online Account Opening, Online Demo, Own Demat Account, Desktop Trading Software, Mobile Trading App, Charting Tools, Trading Tools, Automated Trading, After Trading Hours Order, SMS Alerts, Software Alerts, Online Portfolio, Online Back Office, Tax Ready P&L Statement, Margin Funding and Trading Leverage.

Customer Support

Composite Edge provides 24x7 Customer Support, Email Support, Phone Support and Local Branch Support to its customers.

Recommendations and Tips

To help its customers in their Trading & Investment, Composite Edge provides Daily Market Report, Fundamental Recommendations, Technical Tips and News Analysis regularly.

Trading Exchange

Composite Edge allows trading on BSE Exchange, NSE Exchange and MCX Exchange to its customers.