Started in 2015, FYERS, a bangalore based company , is expected to bring a revolutionary change in ways of trading as experienced by the young entrepreneurs. Fyers is an online stock brokers started by young entrepreneurs who are well-versed in stock trading industry. You may wonder what’s so great about Fyers. Well, the title says it all. Technically, Fyers is an acrronym for, “Focus the Your and Reform the Self”. The name speaks the young spirit hidden within them. They seem to be very ambitious and are determined to give immense satisfaction to stock brokers in india. Their main aim is to contribut to clients’ success.

Their services indulge in cash markets, currency segments of NSE and derivatives and also mutual funds. At low brokerage costs the company is offering unique tools to help its clients for trade and research. That is probably the reason why Fyers is standing out from the rest of the stock brokers, that too in quite a short while. It is a purely online stock broker based out of single location. However their online trading platform helps them in taking trading decisions, which kind of makes it seem more like an online full service broker withsurprisingly less brokerage cost.

The Exchanges offered by Fyers is NSE(National Stock Exchange) including NSE CM, NSE F&O and CD NSE. They provide Demat service through CDSL &NSDL.

Fyers makes itself unique and revolutionary by providing exceedingly unique trading experience with its 3 in-house trading platforms that are furnished with different, yet unique, trading tools and feaatures. Fyers is technology oriented stock broking firm.

The three trading platforms are:

Fyers One:

Fyers One is a desktop trading platform that beats even a paid professional platform especially in terms of features. The features of Fyers One are very much different and useful. It is the only trading platform in india the offers features like RBI interest rates, advanced charts, buy and sell signals, Stock screeners, FII/DII data, world market data, Macro-Economic data, etc,.. you cannot fing any of these features in any other online tradinng latforms in India. Fyers One is free of cost but only avalilable for Fyers’ clients. It provides spot charts for both historical and Intraday which is again another feature confined to no other trading platform in India but Fyers. The historical chart is of 5 years currently. This trading platform has to be installed in a system. For investors who are into live market watch and faster execution of trade, this is best suited.

Key Features in Fyer One:

  • It has Comprehensive search Filters.
  • It has more than 60 Technical indicators.
  • It has Live Scanners and Technical Screeaners.
  • Historical data is upto 5 years and Intraday data is upto 3 years.
  • Advanced charts help you trade directly.
  • It provides data points like FII & DII activities, the latest bulk deals, blocks deals and delivery figures.

Fyer Market:

Fyer Market is an trading platform available as mobile apps. This again comes with new and impressive features. It has got highly responsive charts that is movable using your fingertips. There are no disconnections and delays during the execution of your order. It follows different indices, heat maps and charts to track the market action. Thay claim that it is light weight, although it has heavy weight features, and has ultra low bandwidth.

Key Features in Fyers Maarket:

  • Option Calculator.
  • Get notifications on bulk deals and block deals.
  • You can get knowledge about the real-time corporate actions of the companies.
  • More than 50 technical indicators.
  • Track global equities, currencies and commoities.

Fyers Webtrader:

This is a web based trading platforms allowing users to connect to the brokerage through Internet. Traders access each of their individual accounts. In this, there is no need to install any softwares. All you need to do is browse throgh the Internet and seek your Services at your fullest comfort wherever you are. It is best suited for those who trade from office but cannot access Fyer One.

Key Features of Fyers Webtrader:

  • It analyzes your fund allocation through a portfolio tracker.
  • Equity SIP calculator for long term investors.
  • It allows you to place Multi-legged orders.
  • Gives a detailed view of your portfolio and its performance.
  • Makes complex trade as simple as possible.


  • Good Customer Support
  • Low brokerage rates and no hidden charges.
  • New trading facilities
  • New initiatives that greatly helps client trading.
  • Unique and Innovative trading tools that are not used by any other online brokers in India.


  • They give less margin than expected.
  • Their Brokerage is a little more than the deep discount brokers.

Why Trade with Fyers?

First of all, to start with, it has got most advanced trading platforms in India which are surprisingly free. It gives a smooth and easy experience for its customers. The technology and the tools give a way-to-go experience. It makes us wonder why these are so cheap. Their platform is stable enough to withstand any market crash. Advanced Charting, Stock Screeners, Flexible workspaces, well, what more do you need? On the whole, Decent brokerage services is what this is all about.


  • Options Strategies Calculator
  • Margin Calculators
  • Discipline Diary
  • Goal Calculator
  • SIP Calculators
  • Brokerage Calculators


Brokerage charges:

  • Equity                         0.1% or Max 100 (Whichever is Lower)
  • Equity Futures             0.01%or Max Rs 100 (Whichever is lower)
  • Equity Options             Rs 10 per lot or Max 100 (Whicheve is lower)
  • Currency Futures        0.01% or Max Rs 100 (Whichever is lower)
  • Currency Options        Rs 10 per lot or Max 100 (Whicheve is lower)
  • Commodity                 NA

Account opening fees:

  • No Stock trading account
  • No Trading Only
  • No Trading & Demat
  • Annual Maintenance Charge- Rs.400

Additional charges:

  • Turnover charges.
  • Securities Transaction charges.
  • SEBI Turnover fees.
  • Taxes and Stamp Duty.


Fyers has given a different view of trading which is entirely different from what other discount brokers see. Their creative and innovative insight about stock trading has become the sole reason for the fast and successful upcoming giving a tough competition to the rest of the companies. Their success is reflected in most of the reviews and Fyers is to make an outbreaking success as expected by many investors which is because of the difference they had experienced after trading with Fyers. Afterall, what’s more satisfying than seeing it for yourself?

Broker Services

Fyers provides services of Equity Trading, Futures Trading, Options Trading, Commodity Trading, Currency Trading, Mutual Fund Management and IPO Subscription.

Main Features

Some of the the main features provided by Fyers are Online Account Opening, Online Demo, Own Demat Account, Desktop Trading Software, Mobile Trading App, Charting Tools, Trading Tools, Automated Trading, After Trading Hours Order, SMS Alerts, Software Alerts, Online Portfolio, Online Back Office, Tax Ready P&L Statement, Margin Funding and Trading Leverage.

Customer Support

Fyers provides Email Support and Phone Support to its customers.

Recommendations and Tips

To help its customers in their Trading & Investment, Fyers provides Fundamental Recommendations and News Analysis regularly.

Trading Exchange

Fyers allows trading on BSE Exchange, NSE Exchange, MCX Exchange, NCDEX Exchange and OTC Exchange to its customers.