Should you use Discount Stock Broker or Full Service Stock Broker

Should you use Discount Stockbroker or Full Service Stockbroker

For someone who has great interest in stock market choosing the right stock broker might stand as a hindrance for trade. There are many reasons for one to hesitate to choose the right stock broker. Main reason is that there are quite a lot of options to choose from. It creates confusion. Other reasons are the cost it might take, consequences of a wrong choice, etc…

Like I said, there are a lot of options to choose from. On considering the two main categories: full service stock broker and discount stock broker, you may see that the services provided by them are entirely different. Choosing between them is not so difficult, if you mind to consider a few facts that differentiate the two categories from each other and makes you see which one is beat for your trade.

Listed below are few points that you should have knowledge about to see why a discount broker is best for your trade…

The main reason discount brokers are chosen is because of the lower costs. They charge very less commission since their service is limited. They do not give you any guidance regarding trade. This leaves your trade uninterrupted. The success or failure of your trade entirely depends on your talent. Here you are left alone to make your own decision.

Their service is unbiased. They don’t try to sell you the stock that they wish to sell. Mostly, this is done by other types of stock brokers but not all. However a discount broker does not do this because he does not give you any advice. Some well established discount brokers offer materials to gain knowledge about stock market that can boost you up for more trade with good knowledge.

Discount stock brokers are best in intraday trading. They are quick and cost efficient. It is exactly what is needed for a trade that takes place in a single day. They make your costs reasonable. Discount stock brokers are extremely good for a well experienced investor who doesn’t require much advice on trade.

However full service stock brokers have their own advantages as,

A full service broker offer complete service, giving you full attention. They make your job much easier and also a successful trade. They literally conduct the trade on behalf of you. You are allowed to access their research information. This information is for you to know about a company in a more detailed manner that might help you in trade.

A full service stock broker is good in adapting himself to the client’s interests and focusing on their goals. He carries on trade in such a way that it is profitable at the same time being up to your expectation. They are very good in making investment decisions. This is very important for beginners. It is better to leave the trade to professionals when you are not sure about the decision. They come with mostly wise decisions for a successful trade.

In full service, you meet the broker in person to talk about the trade. This gives a good insight about what you are dealing with and helps you in knowing the brokerage firm better. You can just simply walk into their office and get things discussed. Full service stock brokers are extremely good for beginners who need more knowledge or those who have large portfolio to be managed.

Thus on knowing the above facts you will be able to choose the right stock brokers that you need. Make sure you consider your needs. They are most important of all. If you stock broker cannot satisfy your needs it is you who will regret. Make a wise decision.