Upstox is an online brokerage firm formed in 2009 by Raghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar and Shrinivas Viswanath. Its headquarters is situated in Mumbai, India which makes it clear that it is an Indian based company. Currently, the company provides services like investing in stocks, futures, currencies and commodities at rates lower than the full service stock brokerage firm. Afterall, that is what makes discount brokerage popular.

Before the origin of Upstox, its two of the co founders Raghu Kumar and Ravi kumar (who turn out to be siblings) had their own propriety trading fund in US. Then they came to India and the three started their propriety trading company. Then in 2011, they entered into retail brokering. They had unique business plans that attracted many investors. They were the first in india to start an online-only trading plan that is unlimited. This greatly helped to reduce the brokerage costs that attracted most retailers. Then came their blanket-brokerage package with which investors were did unlimited trading for Rs 1947 per month. They also introduced the flat fee pay-as you-go trade. Their brokerage plans were always new and innovative. They all improvised over time. Their business plans enhanced reputations. Of all their business plans the most significant one is the “five free trade per month” because it increased the investor participation.

RKSV Commodities India Pvt. Ltd. is a sister company that handles all the transactions related to commodity exchanges. It holds membership in MCX, MCX-SX, NSE and BSE. Trade academy is an educational arm of Upstox which is used to educate investors about trading. This is mainly for the beginners who need to know all that is possible in trading. This could perhaps be a best way to start their trade. Upstox is a trading platform from RKSV that is yet to come. It has got a great deal of products and features that assist the investors in trading.

Advantages of Upstox:

  • Easy to place orders on mobile apps and websites. They have Android apps and iOS apps.
  • Upstox provides rich trading features.
  • Offers free trading and trading in equity delivery segments is free as well.

Disadvantages of Upstox:

  • Brokerage cost is free but not for Equity intratrading, Equity F&O, commodities and currency derivatives trading segments.
  • Brokerage is free in basic Upstox plan but DP charges has to be paid.

Important Features of Upstox:

  • Advanced charting: understanding the markets become quick and easy with advanced charting.
  • Alert and Artificial Intelligence software: gives expert trading advice and support trading scripts.
  • Live tracking of bracket orders.

Why Choose Upstox:

  1. Free trading in Equity Delivery segment.
  2. Upstox trading app is the fastest. It is so instant that it is faster than sending a text message.
  3. The app uses minimum possible bandwidth.
  4. It does Trading on all exchanges.
  5. Highly secured. It is fully regulated by SEBI.
  6. App installation and account opening is free.
  7. Fastest search due to its high speed app.
  8. Upstox pros advanced trading feature provides best 5 offers.
  9. We can directly click on bids to place offers in advanced charting feature.
  10. Customization of user settings like sound Alerts, etc,.
  11. we can bridge with AmiBroker and MetaTrade for semi-Automated trading.
  12. We can cancel pending orders in a single click.

There are 2 types of platform available within Upstox, let’s see them in detail:

Upstox Basic:

This platform from Upstox offers basic trading features in Equity Delivery segment through mobile and website. It doesn’t have any hidden fees for trading in Equity Delivery segment using Upstox.

Upstox pro :

Upstox Pro is the great trading platform for traders who plan to play for long term. Upstox pro includes all the features provided by the basic Upstox account along with offers stock search, analyze, trade, and monitor stocks, currencies, F&O, and commodities with just few clicks. It provides rich visual statistical charts for professional traders for technical analysis.



For opening account you don’t need to pay any fee. AMC (account maintanace charges) is free for trading account. The AMC for demat account in Upstox is Rs. 400 PA and for opening a demat account Rs. 300, one time payment. Apart from all of the softwares and great features available from Upstox. It also has Low to no brokerage fee for trading. it charges transaction fee of Rs. 20 for each trade in equity intraday, futures & options. The main reason for Upstox to be the top brokers online is the fact that it has low fee and has various software to help traders manage their transaction in an ease with good support.

Upstox has reached many traders in a short period of time due to Upstox’s good reputation in the market. And even thought the Upstox platform is new to traders, Upstox’s traders are familier with their previous platform NEST. Upstox has all the modern features for traders to trade with an ease while managing the NEST’s user interface which makes the Upstox platform easy to use even for the beginners.

Trading Leverage:

Upstox allows trading leverage of Upto 20 times for intraday trading


With Upstox’s new trading platform Upstocks and the sophisticated features of Upstox pro. You are sure in trusted hands for starting or continuing your trading activities without spending much when it’s about the broker charges.

Broker Services

Upstox provides services of Equity Trading, Futures Trading, Options Trading, Commodity Trading, Currency Trading, Mutual Fund Management and IPO Subscription.

Main Features

Some of the the main features provided by Upstox are Online Account Opening, Online Demo, 3 in 1 Account, Own Demat Account, Desktop Trading Software, Mobile Trading App, Charting Tools, Trading Tools, After Trading Hours Order, Software Alerts, Online Portfolio, Online Back Office, Tax Ready P&L Statement, Margin Funding and Trading Leverage.

Customer Support

Upstox provides 24x7 Customer Support, Email Support, Phone Support, Toll Free Number and Online Chat to its customers.

Recommendations and Tips

To help its customers in their Trading & Investment and Upstox provides Daily Market Report regularly.

Trading Exchange

Upstox allows trading on BSE Exchange, NSE Exchange, MCX Exchange and NCDEX Exchange to its customers.