Don’t be fooled by Tips / Recommendations scams

Dont be fooled by Tips or Recommendations scams

Online scams are becoming more popular nowadays. Most of the people are attracted to false offers and so called free tips on stock investment. But the true story behind them is unknown. Mostly beginners are more vulnerable to these types of scam. It is important that one finds the difference between scams advertisements and the genuine ones.

Of course almost everyone is fooled by the recommendation scams. But it is very bad for you. It might lead you to a wrong decision and eventually a heavy loss. There is always a way to do things and scams are biggest distraction that mislead you in most of the cases. Here are some tips that can help you to avoid scams.

First of all, when you see an offer, don’t get attracted to it. Try to collect facts that can prove that it is not a scam. Don’t have a positive approach towards it unless proved legitimate. Moreover, don’t completely trust those who recommend the offer. They may be paid promoters who get paid if you take their offer.

Most of the response is positive. This is because they are so much influenced by their approach that they first assume it to be good and then find faults in it. Eventually it would seem like the good things that the offer can give you outweigh the bad things about it. Hence you fall for their trap. But actually it should be the other way around. Whenever there is an offer, assume it to be fraudulent and give yourself enough reasons to prove that it is not fraudulent. That it is entirely legal and out of danger.

Whatever claims they make, make sure you verify them independently. The claims they make has to be seen if they are true or not. And that has to be independently. Never trust anyone in this. Remember that you will have to face the consequences of your mistakes alone. So don’t make a mistake of trusting anyone. Even if they can be completely trusted don’t forget that no one knows what has to be done better than you.

Make sure you read the financial statements and other details carefully. Don’t ever overlook these things. These are very important. See to it that the investment is registered. When it’s about money you need to be more cautious.

One thing that is more common is that they try to speed you up. Or in other ways they try to pressurize you. They don’t give you enough time to think. They make their offer seem short lived so that you speed things up as much as you can. If you fall for this, it either proves that they have great marketing skills or that you can easily be fooled. Take your time and analyze it clearly before you make some decision.

And once and for all never get easily influenced by everyone. Have thoughts that are firm. Don’t go around believing everything that you hear. It could be highly dangerous. Especially when you are in the business field. When someone gives you any offer the first question that should strike your mind is why YOU are given such an offer and how will they be benefitted by this.

Remember, “All that glitters are not gold” . Never get fooled by scams. Don’t be an easy target. Of course this is not like “come and get me” but it would be more like “how did I get into this mess?” before you know it. Once lost, it is never too easy to replace your loss. Make a complete research about the stocks and see if it is safe or not. It is always better to know completely than to regret later.